Dreams are powerful tools that can help guide anyone to success and happiness. They represent some cherished aspiration, an ultimate ideal of achievement.

The word sylvan refers most directly to a setting associated with the woods. Reflecting on the vigorous life that abounds in sylvan settings is a very powerful force in my life. For me, this word evokes feelings of transcendence, clarity, and unity.

A Sylvan Dream is a dynamic compilation of my life dream. It is an attempt to seek out and document the truth, beauty, and clarity that exists in this world.

Monday, February 25, 2008


The other morning I rode away from my apt. and heard the juncos whispering waves of song into the crisp morning air. I have been noticing male flickers standing atop dead trees again, and they too are beginning their territorial claims in song.

I guessed this is about the time the Cardinals should be singing from the treetops of the maples outside of Smith and 7th St. Cafe back at Bucknell. I was looking through some old LJ entries from three years ago, and the first I heard their calls back then was Feb 7th. Now, out west I have the juncos and the flickers, not that I didn't in Pa though...

Sara and I keep remarking over the smells returning to the air as well. We can smell the warming, wet ground again, and the dew drying from the dead grass.

Fill me with song sweet Spring.


-- Mangrove Tom -- said...

Thanks for sharing such eloquent thoughts! I'm currently 1500 miles from home, so missing the spring revival I'm familiar with, such as the waxwings that come in late winter to feed in the ash tree and bathe in the tiny pond.

I had to laugh out loud at myself by comparing your "calming stillness" to my panic-spasm excitement when seeing a new bird for the first time. I wish I had your mature observation skill; I worry that the bird will fly away before I can get a good view - since I must try to memorize field marks and then later look it up in my field guide.

Your writing is enjoyable to read, so thanks for inspiring me to search for that inner calmness and focus when both observing and later writing about it.


William J. Minehart III said...

Thanks a lot for your flattering words Tom. I love to write, it is one of the few things that makes me feel alive and content, and if I can do so while impacting other's lives, awesome!

Thanks again