Dreams are powerful tools that can help guide anyone to success and happiness. They represent some cherished aspiration, an ultimate ideal of achievement.

The word sylvan refers most directly to a setting associated with the woods. Reflecting on the vigorous life that abounds in sylvan settings is a very powerful force in my life. For me, this word evokes feelings of transcendence, clarity, and unity.

A Sylvan Dream is a dynamic compilation of my life dream. It is an attempt to seek out and document the truth, beauty, and clarity that exists in this world.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Around the Hotel

I have been spending a ton of time around the hotel. It is a nice respite from everything happening in the streets of Lima. I can only handle so much at once, since every time I have to talk to someone it is stressful, yet funny too!

Today I had more of what I consider to be a European lunch than a Peruvian. I was very surprised to see an old favorite beer sitting in a wicker basket in the market today. The beer is a wonderful one that I enjoyed during a time I travelled to visit Joelle in Germany, and man was it a megaplop when I opened that sucker! The bright yellow cheese in the sandwich was very rich and delicious, and I decided it was time for some chocolate.

Other than that, here is a look at the momma dove I hear every morning just as it is getting light out, and her chick, which just fell out of the nest yesterday, but seems to be ready for the venture. He is still relaxing outside at the same place.

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